Uprooted, missing my kitchen

RicardoEver since I moved to the Greenhaven-Pocket area not long ago, I am surrounded by neighborhoods filled with trees. A stark contrast from my previous neighborhood, which was in the Fruitridge-Franklin area and brimming with businesses big and small. Greenhaven has a Grocery Outlet that we frequent, and that’s about it.

I was very fond of the blue-collar feel of Fruitridge-Franklin. I lived in a household of men, and we didn’t always like cooking, but luckily for us, we were surrounded by an abundance of food choices, ranging from fast food joints to Scott’s Burger shack and more.

I lived on the same street where La Esperanza bakery resided, and if you know about this bakery, you know it’s a hot spot and they basically run the block. La Esperanza bakery and it’s “cocina” counterpart has a local grocery smashed in between them by the name of Harvest Foods.

People from all over Sacramento come to La Esperanza to get their Mexican pastries or their masa for tamales. Other businesses buy La Esperanza’s products to resell to customers.

“La Esperanza is our kitchen,” I remember my dad saying one day as he described to someone how good their Mexican food was and how affordable it was, too. La Esperanza’s kitchen is filled with bumbling, sweet Mexican ladies who take your order and cook up the delicious food. If there’s one thing I miss about my ex-neighborhood, it’s definitely how close in proximity we were to La Esperanza.

Mexican food havens aside, Fruitridge-Franklin was close to many other businesses that keep it lively and always busy. There’s a pool hall, a bar, gas stations and even conveniently located medical marijuana dispensary. The neighborhood overflows with character.

I consider this move to Greenhaven as temporary. I plan to move back to my old neighborhood, a place I grew to admire and never realized how much I’d miss until I was gone. Not only was it close to businesses of all kinds, it was close to a light rail station and Sacramento City College, so it’s very student friendly.

Downtown is a nice place to live, too, but it’s gotten so expensive. And if you go just a little south, you will find cheaper housing that isn’t far removed from downtown anyway, or at the very least, a few train stops away.


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