To protect, destroy and teach

AudreyellIn the hands of some people, guns forced a pathway to develop the Declaration of Independence and create this country I call home. In the hands of others, a gun took the life of a childhood friend.

Guns can protect. Guns can destroy.

But how can they do that, when they have no intellect, emotion, compassion, race, anger, or tears? They simply “click” when the trigger is pulled. No thought. No calculation. Just mechanics: and for the enthusiast, machinery at its finest.

As for owners and holders of guns, they are a different story. But like anything with great potential to harm or destroy or save, is it better to limit access or educate and train?

The reality is, guns are never going away.

And guns aren’t the problem. The owners and holders are the problems. If we spent more time educating about gun safety, about the mechanics of guns, and investing from childhood in an understanding of the great potential and danger while empowering people to value their own lives and humanity, maybe we’d see less death.

And see more protection of life.

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