The case for legalized prostitution

EugeneAmerica was founded on principles, primarily the rule of law. This means our country uses set standards, flexibility, freedom and liberty to uphold its values. The value under discussion in this essay is prostitution. Why isn’t prostitution considered classy? If two consenting, well-adjusted adults choose to engage in an activity, it is not my concern.

The larger issue is capitalism, which stands at the forefront of everything. A free market dictates supply and demand.

At the November Sacramento Voices Community Form on healthy neighborhoods, Terri Galvan, who works with prostitutes and call girls in South Sacramento, discussed her efforts to help women escape the world of paid sex. Galvan spoke at the Unseen Heroes gallery at 34th Street and Broadway.

At the outset of her discussion, Galvan mentioned that prostitution is considered the oldest profession on earth, after agriculture. But the fact that people look down on women exercising a career choice is an internal issue, not external. In other words, women (or men) can sleep with whomever they choose and to the extent they don’t harm others, whether they receive compensation is irrelevant in real capitalism.

The fight against prostitution has done nothing to stop prostitution, just as the futile war on drugs is an abysmal failure. Those fights are actually contrary to American principles. People are bestowed liberty, interest and fundamental rights such as the right to free speech and right of privacy.

What a woman or man chooses to do with their body is their choice, notwithstanding the fact that it’s characterized as negative. People choose to smoke cigarettes, drink liquor, eat McDonalds, use drugs and engage in all types of behaviors that may seem reckless. It’s their choice to do so.

American politicians criminalized a personal choice and barred the ability of someone to engage in commerce, which created the criminal component, such as the war on drugs. By criminalizing prostitution and drug use, certain unskilled and unsavory politicians with no real practical experience in particular areas, targeted minorities and people of color in the typical discriminatory fashion with criminal statutes.

This has led to women with few job prospects being controlled by two pimps: the street pimp and the criminal justice system pimp.

In effect, the pimp would be rendered useless if prostitution were decriminalized. If prostitutes paid taxes under a legalized statute, pimps could be held accountable by the criminal justice system and the Internal Revenue Service.

Here, because politicians don’t understand the mechanics and procedures of criminal enterprises, they’ve established anti-prostitution laws to punish women, who in many situations made a choice to eat, pay rent and avoid starvation. Supply and demand is the reason that prostitution will never and can never be eradicated.

The moral argument just plain fails and frankly, America was founded on the separation of church and state. Plenty of people pay for sex in a sense from certain perspectives. Some men I’ve spoken to feel that unless and until they pay for dinner, roses, movies, bowling and numerous other things, they won’t be able to engage in sex with a woman.

One in four people in the U.S. live in poverty, which is quite disturbing to say the least. It’s disturbing, because as much as capitalism is lauded, it is still designed to create two classes: the “Haves” and the “Have Nots.” Those two classes dominate our society today.

We need to rethink our approach on these issues and stop the moral arguments because everything is relative in our society. Some people still think interracial dating is un-American. Others view gay marriage as contrary and others view immigrants in a negative light. This country needs to get back to the limited government principles that made it great!


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