In my world, a new victim every day

In the world I live in and the places I go, I’m in close contact with many disenfranchised and hurting people. Many homeless women come to Wellspring. There are now more and more homeless men, women and children in our Oak Park community. I volunteer for Safeground when my Bayside Church in midtown hosts it. […]

Wellspring story: songbird’s safe haven

cheryl well

Cheryl is Wellspring’s songbird. When she isn’t singing at the Oak Park center for women and children, she sings gospel at Harmony Church. “Gospel music is my life,” Cheryl says. “Gospel music is a joy. It’s a nutrient, a necessity like minerals and vitamins because it helps you to keep going like the Energizer Bunny. You’ve […]

Wellspring’s heart tells the stories

Sacramento Voices correspondent Corey Rodda works at Wellspring, the center for women and children in Oak Park. Rodda documents remarkable stories from Wellspring visitors and publishes her journalism on the center’s website, Sacramento Voices is proud to present the adaptation that follows.