The case for legalized prostitution

America was founded on principles, primarily the rule of law. This means our country uses set standards, flexibility, freedom and liberty to uphold its values. The value under discussion in this essay is prostitution. Why isn’t prostitution considered classy? If two consenting, well-adjusted adults choose to engage in an activity, it is not my concern. […]

Help is there for South Sac prostitutes

Prostitution was the focus of the Sacramento Voices Community Form in November at Unseen Heroes Gallery in Oak Park. The audience had the opportunity to listen and ask questions of Terri Galvan from the group Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH). This organization helps women who are drug addicted, homeless prostitutes or the victims of sex […]

Community Forum: helping women escape prostitution

Terri Galvan

Sacramento Voices held its first Community Forum on neighborhood health at Unseen Heroes gallery, 34th Street and Broadway. Our featured speaker was Terri Galvan from CASH (Community Against Sexual Harm), which helps guide South Sacramento women away from prostitution and the sex trade. Sac Voices Correspondents Courtny Thomas and Eugene Willis offered unique perspectives of […]