The case for legalized prostitution

America was founded on principles, primarily the rule of law. This means our country uses set standards, flexibility, freedom and liberty to uphold its values. The value under discussion in this essay is prostitution. Why isn’t prostitution considered classy? If two consenting, well-adjusted adults choose to engage in an activity, it is not my concern. […]

Community Forum: helping women escape prostitution

Terri Galvan

Sacramento Voices held its first Community Forum on neighborhood health at Unseen Heroes gallery, 34th Street and Broadway. Our featured speaker was Terri Galvan from CASH (Community Against Sexual Harm), which helps guide South Sacramento women away from prostitution and the sex trade. Sac Voices Correspondents Courtny Thomas and Eugene Willis offered unique perspectives of […]

A world of terror, peaceful sounds in South Sacramento


Sunday afternoon. The world reels from the horrific attacks in Paris and retaliatory bombings that follow. My children and I have spent a good portion of the weekend discussing topics of a heavy nature. Driving home from an afternoon outing, I notice a young man standing alone at a bus stop on Florin Road in […]

Exceptional women take charge


Hundreds of ambitious businesswomen gathered Oct. 3 at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West for the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation’s Seventh Annual Exceptional Women of Color Networking Brunch Conference. This special event buzzed with networking entrepreneurs and owners of several South Sacramento businesses. The EWOC conference is dedicated to honoring women and girls who exemplify […]

South Sac Health: Sick attitudes toward neighbors

Pocket 1

I began to notice the increased comments during the 2012-2013 school year, right about the time Sacramento City Unified School District was discussing widespread school closures. The comments varied in tone and nature. But the overall gist of the conversation was concern that children from Meadowview would be bused into Pocket schools, due to the […]

Oak Park Health: Critical condition, but stable

The early 1900s painted Oak Park as a cultural hub, thriving economically, and a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Today, opinions vary. As a proud resident of Oak Park, I find comfort in its diversity, creativity, resourcefulness, wealth, poverty, and its ability to divide the community as it slushes through the mud, hoping […]

Let gentrification bring us together

Sacramento Voices correspondent Richard Abrusci counts diversity as one of Oak Park’s greatest strengths, a testament to the community’s health. But he finds diversity isn’t universally embraced on the streets of Oak Park. And that’s a problem: no neighborhood can consider itself healthy when neighbors distrust and dispute. The Oak Park mosaic is changing — […]

South Sac Health: Listen to Mom

It’s not hard to find. It’s done in darkness and light. It’s in our homes, schools and workplaces. It’s everywhere, frequenting our families and friends. It’s on the news and in every paper. It’s glorified in music, multimedia and entertainment. Did you guess it? Yes. The answer is poverty, communities full of poor and underserved […]

Health, beauty amid poverty

Sacramento Voices correspondent Marianna Sousa recalled the wisdom of her mother when surveying the health of South Sacramento. Mom taught her daughter to look for the beauty in life no matter the surroundings. The lesson stuck. Sousa knows every corner of South Sacramento. As a child and young woman, she moved often and covered much […]

Fruitridge-Franklin Health: Step over the tracks

Fruitridge-Franklin 1

For the past four years, I’ve been fond of the neighborhood I live in. A neighborhood considered to be bad – or “ghetto” – because it’s in the middle of the Franklin and Fruitridge neighborhoods. Yes, there’s often a helicopter in the sky, hovering around looking for who knows what. The neighborhood’s health looks sketchy […]