South Sac Health: Plea for prayer

Homeless people, broken, no place to go. Drug crazed people, lying, dying, fighting life and hating it. The empty houses that were once somebody’s home. All of their possessions thrown in the street. Hauled away. Along with all of their hopes and dreams. Streets getting too quiet. Where once there was laughter, music and community. […]

Common prayer for uncommon place

Sacramento Voices correspondent Sunshine Pruett regards the health of her Oak Park neighborhood in poetic terms. She sees the community changing, and fears for its future. She longs for a neighborhood of vibrancy and respect and room for all, a place where businesses and families thrive and people can get help when they need it. […]

47th Avenue Health: Look beneath the cover

Two liquor stores, two gas stations, two day-care centers, two churches, two parks and three schools. Those are a few establishments I observed in my neighborhood the past few weeks. I live in a residential neighborhood at the corner of 47th Avenue and Stockton Boulevard. The names of this intersection sounds familiarly “ghetto,” right? You […]

South Sac Health: A bipolar slice of life


My neighborhood is bipolar. It swings between Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Gotham City. I live on 24th Street between Fruitridge Road and 47th Avenue. It’s a coin with two distinct sides. On one side of the street, you’ll find well-manicured houses and an elementary school. On the other side, you’ll find a run-down gas station, […]

To have and have not

Sacramento Voices correspondent Audreyell Anderson took a literal approach to surveying the health of her South Sacramento neighborhood. She looked at retail shops — liquor stores, gas stations and fast food joints — and parks, schools and residential housing stock. The complication was, she lives in two places at once. It all depends on which […]

Prejudice at arm’s length

Sacramento Voices correspondent Christina Martinez has spent her professional career as a teacher in South Sacramento, working in some of our city’s most underserved neighborhoods. She is uniquely qualified to survey the community’s health. Yet Martinez took a different approach to our series on South Sacramento’s health — she tracked the prejudice on public display […]