Why Voices matter

Sacramento City College Professor of Journalism Dianne Heimer recently spoke to Sacramento Voices correspondents at a training workshop. Her words captured the essence of the Voices program, and the motivation behind its support by the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. Professor Heimer’s remarks follow.

Inspirational words for Sac Voices

Dianne Heimer

Sacramento City College journalism professor Dianne Heimer and Sacramento Voices alum Burt Clemons used heartfelt and inspirational words to describe the importance of community journalism at a Sacramento Voices training workshop in February. Heimer examined how traditional media outlets overlook stories in many South Sacramento neighborhoods, unless the stories involve crime. “You are the only […]

We are what we eat

Sacramento Voices correspondent Ricardo Lopez, right, provides personal insight into his latest assignment for the website — documenting our everyday approach to eating. The series will present viewpoints on the most essential (and often unhealthy) act we routinely commit toward our longterm health and happiness. His report follows.

On the street where you live

Sacramento Voices is a community journalism project that does exactly what the name implies — provide voices for our neighborhoods. In keeping with this spirit, the Voices will be describing some essential components of their neighborhoods: the shops and merchants and people who make them unique. Ricardo Lopez’s story about La Esperanza bakery follows.

Tonight: Sac Voices forum on health and stress

Toxic stress in childhood and its devastating impact on communities will be examined tonight at the first Sacramento Voices Community Forum in Oak Park. Dr. Andres Sciolla, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at UC Davis, will lead the discussion, highlighting his research into toxic stress among children. The Community Forum will begin at 6 p.m. […]

SacVoices: Ready, eager to help

AA 4

Sacramento Voices correspondent Audreyell Anderson (pictured left) covered a remarkable event — an evening of artistic expression dedicated to raising funds for young women who lack access to sustainable hygiene products around the world. Notably, the host and organizer of the successful evening was another SacVoices correspondent, Marianna Sousa (right). Through actions and words, the […]

Where we find inspiration

Sacramento Voices 2015

Inspiration is all around us — often embodied in a person who shares your name. Over the next several days, Sacramento Voices correspondents will step back and reflect upon a person who inspires them. Maybe a family member. Maybe a friend. Maybe a loved one whose inspirational qualities exist in only memories. Please enjoy these […]

Voice to Voice: Sacramento meets Oakland


Sacramento Voices visited their fellow community journalists from Oakland for a day of tours and discussion on a sunny weekend in March. Oakland Voices shared personal stories of their city, from Saint Augustine’s Church to the streets of East Oakland near the Coliseum and along International Boulevard. The Voices wrote their impressions of the East Bay city, a […]

Coming from a Voice near you: South Sac vids


Visitors to Sacramento Voices get it immediately. They see the powerful impact of words, focused exclusively on the community, by the community, from the community. Now, as Sacramento Voices evolves, the correspondents are ready to branch into a new phase, with an emphasis on video storytelling. Several compelling, unique video pieces can already be found […]

South Sacramento tells its story


“The Voices reflect those communities. They reflect the history and future of South Sacramento. And with ages spanning five decades and cultural backgrounds as diverse as the mosaics that comprise the neighborhoods in which they live, the Voices reflect a powerful opportunity to record Sacramento from a unique perspective.”