Dreams meet reality in college admission process

  College. It’s usually a topic most parents talk about with their children. Not a “if you go to college” conversation, but a “you’re going to college” conversation. Throughout our youth, we struggle and achieve in school. We advance to the next grade level until we finally reach high school graduation. This is the real […]

Heart of the World: Community Journalism

When I was asked to speak today about community journalism, I was honored. I have a lot of respect for the Maynard Institute and its goals to bring diversity to journalism. And I’m so proud to see former students as a part of this important program: Marianna, Totty, Courtny and Ricardo. I thought about what […]

Why Voices matter

Sacramento City College Professor of Journalism Dianne Heimer recently spoke to Sacramento Voices correspondents at a training workshop. Her words captured the essence of the Voices program, and the motivation behind its support by the Maynard Institute for Journalism Education. Professor Heimer’s remarks follow.

Inspirational words for Sac Voices

Dianne Heimer

Sacramento City College journalism professor Dianne Heimer and Sacramento Voices alum Burt Clemons used heartfelt and inspirational words to describe the importance of community journalism at a Sacramento Voices training workshop in February. Heimer examined how traditional media outlets overlook stories in many South Sacramento neighborhoods, unless the stories involve crime. “You are the only […]

Community Forum keeps us safe

Marianna Sousa demonstrates electrical safety.

From kitchen fires to downed power lines, community members learned essential safety skills at a Sacramento City College and Sacramento Voices Community Forum organized by Voices correspondent Marianna Sousa, with assistance from correspondent Kalaisha Totty. The highly successful event was held Jan. 28 at the SCC Student Center. “The issue of safety effects all of […]

Town Hall: Safety Awareness

Please join Sacramento Voices and the Sacramento City College community for a Town Hall filled with presentations to help keep you safe. The Safety Awareness and Crisis Prevention event will be held this Thursday, January 28, at the Sacramento City College Student Center on campus, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The entire South Sacramento […]

Success honors parents, opportunities

For Sacramento City College students, the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services office has one main focus: counseling. Each student has a specific counselor assigned to him or her. The three counselors in the EOPS office — Adam Freas, Sandy Ruedas, and Ken Times — are part of a team led by Irma Rodriguez. They counsel […]

Dream job brings chance to help

During her time in college, Irma Sandoval Rodriguez was like many students: she used the programs she found available. Financial aid and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services helped her advance through college. Rodriguez’s father, whose formal education stopped at the third grade,  didn’t understand how financial aid worked. He worried that someday, someone would come […]

Helping students, paying forward

Irma Sandoval Rodriguez sits tucked away in a back office of Sacramento City College’s Rodda Hall North, surrounded by papers, books, two computers and Mexican art and artifacts on her desk and walls. Rodriguez, faculty coordinator for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and the Cooperative Agency Resources for Education, seems blissfully at home in […]

Profiling a teacher who’s been there and back

Sacramento Voices correspondent Courtny Thomas has a special affinity for Sacramento City College. Like many South Sacramento residents, she is continuing her education at the campus on Freeport Boulevard. For the next three days, Thomas will profile a person who made a similar journey, and who today helps students just like herself — Irma Sandoval […]