Oak Park’s silent divide

There’s a city I know Once just a cow town with plenty of trees and dusty roads. Diverse groups of people  Seeking to live equal. Weather just right no desert, no snow. If you travel down Broadway it serves as a hallway to the center of the city’s heart. Yet something is changing  there’s been rearranging […]

Where did family go?

Family. What is family? This question has been on my mind, so I decided to write. I was inspired by a recent incident that happened with my biological family. It made me want to ask, “What is family?” Is family the scientific meaning? Biological? Having the same mom and dad? Is family something a young […]

In my world, a new victim every day

In the world I live in and the places I go, I’m in close contact with many disenfranchised and hurting people. Many homeless women come to Wellspring. There are now more and more homeless men, women and children in our Oak Park community. I volunteer for Safeground when my Bayside Church in midtown hosts it. […]

When you’re always hungry

Poverty Pic 2

What is a poor person and what does poverty look like? That’s a basic and critical question that hundreds of millions of Americans face today. More likely than not, your neighbor, brother, aunt and friends are dealing with this issue. Particularly in South Sacramento and Oak Park — “OP” — this issue is common. OP […]

Don’t forget the young ones

Sacramento Voices correspondent Kalaisha Totty is interested in issues involving young people in South Sacramento — rightfully so, as she’s not far removed from the demographic herself. A student leader at Sacramento City College, Totty recently visited the Oak Park office of No Youth Left Behind. Her report follows.

Barriers down, one young person at a time

Mission: to help remove barriers for underserved, disenfranchised and at-risk youth while at the same time improving their lives. Founder and President of the No Youth Left Behind Foundation of America Dr. Carroll Cooks envisioned a way to “empower youth through education, training, workforce development and community by creating quality human experiences with educational youth […]

A level-headed barber finds success

Sports Center on ESPN is playing on the flat-screen television mounted on the wall. Four barber stations, tidy and organized with clippers, mirrors, oil sheen and other materials a barber needs to manicure clients, stand ready. A chalkboard hangs above with prices. There are pictures on the wall and a vending machine with snacks. In […]

Your survival made simple

Sacramento Voices correspondent Marianna Sousa is a big believer in self-help — especially when it comes to the essential act of survival. She’s become an advocate for personal family safety kits, packed full of material that may save your family in times of emergency. Sousa demonstrated a safety kit at the Sacramento Voices Community Forum […]

Wellspring story: songbird’s safe haven

cheryl well

Cheryl is Wellspring’s songbird. When she isn’t singing at the Oak Park center for women and children, she sings gospel at Harmony Church. “Gospel music is my life,” Cheryl says. “Gospel music is a joy. It’s a nutrient, a necessity like minerals and vitamins because it helps you to keep going like the Energizer Bunny. You’ve […]