Readings from a voice of experience

Sacramento Voices correspondent Sunshine Pruitt lives a vibrant, vital life as an activist for homeless people, prostitutes and youth abandoned and left to foster care. She has seen more, endured more, and lived more than many of us, and through her writing she finds a precisely focused outlet for her passions. What follows are two […]

Wellspring story: songbird’s safe haven

cheryl well

Cheryl is Wellspring’s songbird. When she isn’t singing at the Oak Park center for women and children, she sings gospel at Harmony Church. “Gospel music is my life,” Cheryl says. “Gospel music is a joy. It’s a nutrient, a necessity like minerals and vitamins because it helps you to keep going like the Energizer Bunny. You’ve […]

Who decides the value of a life?

In the news this summer we have seen the victims of the great fires ravishing our state, people who have become homeless. From the beginning, every kind of help and comfort has been there for them. We all have compassion. We want to help in some way. This compassion reaches down to homeless animals – […]

Oak Park Health: A failing grade

old oak park

The common definition of “healthy” is simple: In good health; indicative of, conducive to, or promoting good health. Synonymous with well, fine and fit. When I look at these words and consider their meaning, they have nothing to do with my neighborhood. I can’t see where I could use the word “well” because Fruit Ridge […]