From refugee camp to home owners


Thirteen years of life in refugee camps didn’t darken the dream of home ownership for Julie and Peter Thao. Now that dream is a reality. “The life there is very difficult,” Julie Thao says of her years in Thailand, which became the family’s home after an escape from Laos. “We didn’t have enough food to […]

Farm to fork, Laos to South Sac


From Laos to Thailand and now South Sacramento, the seeds survived. They have been buried in the rich soil at each stop and nurtured to life by Khoua Lee, a woman who was born to garden. “If I do not plant my seeds, they will die,” Khoua says. “So I have to plant them to […]

Hmong Shaman saves lives, bridges gaps between East and West

Lue Vang, Sacramento Hmong Shaman

“They took me to hospitals around Sacramento where I learned about the different ways a doctor can heal. They also taught me the reasons for medication and surgery. In return, I taught the doctors about how I can heal human souls by doing spiritual ceremonies,” Lue Vang says.