Oak Park Health: Critical condition, but stable

The early 1900s painted Oak Park as a cultural hub, thriving economically, and a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Today, opinions vary. As a proud resident of Oak Park, I find comfort in its diversity, creativity, resourcefulness, wealth, poverty, and its ability to divide the community as it slushes through the mud, hoping […]

South Sac Health: Listen to Mom

It’s not hard to find. It’s done in darkness and light. It’s in our homes, schools and workplaces. It’s everywhere, frequenting our families and friends. It’s on the news and in every paper. It’s glorified in music, multimedia and entertainment. Did you guess it? Yes. The answer is poverty, communities full of poor and underserved […]

Health, beauty amid poverty

Sacramento Voices correspondent Marianna Sousa recalled the wisdom of her mother when surveying the health of South Sacramento. Mom taught her daughter to look for the beauty in life no matter the surroundings. The lesson stuck. Sousa knows every corner of South Sacramento. As a child and young woman, she moved often and covered much […]