South Sac Health: Plea for prayer

Homeless people, broken, no place to go. Drug crazed people, lying, dying, fighting life and hating it. The empty houses that were once somebody’s home. All of their possessions thrown in the street. Hauled away. Along with all of their hopes and dreams. Streets getting too quiet. Where once there was laughter, music and community. […]

Common prayer for uncommon place

Sacramento Voices correspondent Sunshine Pruett regards the health of her Oak Park neighborhood in poetic terms. She sees the community changing, and fears for its future. She longs for a neighborhood of vibrancy and respect and room for all, a place where businesses and families thrive and people can get help when they need it. […]

Oak Park Health: Critical condition, but stable

The early 1900s painted Oak Park as a cultural hub, thriving economically, and a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Today, opinions vary. As a proud resident of Oak Park, I find comfort in its diversity, creativity, resourcefulness, wealth, poverty, and its ability to divide the community as it slushes through the mud, hoping […]

Let gentrification bring us together

Sacramento Voices correspondent Richard Abrusci counts diversity as one of Oak Park’s greatest strengths, a testament to the community’s health. But he finds diversity isn’t universally embraced on the streets of Oak Park. And that’s a problem: no neighborhood can consider itself healthy when neighbors distrust and dispute. The Oak Park mosaic is changing — […]

Oak Park Health: Too many liquor stores? Not necessarily

OP 1

Oak Park and South Sacramento are rapidly changing. Oak Park has new homes, thriving businesses and new developments, springing up virtually every month. But OP still has a reputation, possibly unfair, for drugs, crime, gangs and alcohol. Some residents cite and lament easy access to alcohol, via liquor stores, as the genesis of the past […]

The pulse of healthy neighborhoods

Sacramento Voices have taken on a big assignment in September — surveying the health of their South Sacramento neighborhoods. The project is creative and subjective. And it’s based on clinical observations and personal experiences that can only come from people who live and work in the communities under examination. The results are authentic. They will […]

Tough balancing act for Schenirer

eugene willis

Jay Schenirer is a Sacramento City Councilman with sound, consistent principles, as evidenced by the creation of his highly lauded “WayUp” program. WayUp establishes a partnership between the health and education sectors in Sacramento and focuses on a distinct and underserved geographic area of South Sacramento communities. Contrast Oak Park with Schenirer’s constituents in the […]