Where did family go?

Family. What is family? This question has been on my mind, so I decided to write. I was inspired by a recent incident that happened with my biological family. It made me want to ask, “What is family?” Is family the scientific meaning? Biological? Having the same mom and dad? Is family something a young […]

Grace, humility and a beautiful prophet

Alice 1

“Who are you? Who is that comin’ in my house?” Every Sunday afternoon, Alice Anderson greeted almost all five of her children and 16 grandchildren with this hearty welcome as we shuffled in for Sunday dinner after church. It was a challenge of sorts, wrapped in the biggest and warmest smile imaginable. It was if […]

Where we find inspiration

Sacramento Voices 2015

Inspiration is all around us — often embodied in a person who shares your name. Over the next several days, Sacramento Voices correspondents will step back and reflect upon a person who inspires them. Maybe a family member. Maybe a friend. Maybe a loved one whose inspirational qualities exist in only memories. Please enjoy these […]