South Sac Health: A bipolar slice of life


My neighborhood is bipolar. It swings between Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and Gotham City. I live on 24th Street between Fruitridge Road and 47th Avenue. It’s a coin with two distinct sides. On one side of the street, you’ll find well-manicured houses and an elementary school. On the other side, you’ll find a run-down gas station, […]

To have and have not

Sacramento Voices correspondent Audreyell Anderson took a literal approach to surveying the health of her South Sacramento neighborhood. She looked at retail shops — liquor stores, gas stations and fast food joints — and parks, schools and residential housing stock. The complication was, she lives in two places at once. It all depends on which […]

Today’s diversity, tomorrow’s strength

Voices Meet Councilman Schenirer

Oak Park is a historically rich neighborhood that has been the focus of many local discussions. Issues of gentrification, equitable development and crime seem to dominate people’s minds when the topic of Sacramento’s oldest suburban neighborhood comes up. But Sacramento City Council Member Jay Schenirer paints an alternate portrait of Oak Park and its residents. […]

Lessons from strong mayor’s failure


My conclusion after covering the fight over Measure L, Sacramento’s strong mayor initiative, is the “No on L” side ran a great campaign but had a horrible election night party. A few blocks away, “Yes on L” ran a bad campaign but had a great party. It was the voters who had the final say […]

South Sacramento tells its story


“The Voices reflect those communities. They reflect the history and future of South Sacramento. And with ages spanning five decades and cultural backgrounds as diverse as the mosaics that comprise the neighborhoods in which they live, the Voices reflect a powerful opportunity to record Sacramento from a unique perspective.”