South Sac Health: Plea for prayer

SunshineHomeless people, broken, no place to go.

Drug crazed people, lying, dying, fighting life and hating it.

The empty houses that were once somebody’s home.

All of their possessions thrown in the street.

Hauled away.

Along with all of their hopes and dreams.

Streets getting too quiet.

Where once there was laughter, music and community.

Gentrification is alive and well,

feeding like a cancer,

gnawing away at life as we know it.

Gunfire, helicopters, people dying, grieving, traumatized.

Mental health going down the tubes.

PTSD taking over what was left of their minds.

People of deep faith not giving up,

no matter how bad the circumstances.

Kindnesses extended, prayers prayed, trying to survive.

My hood needs your prayers.

Please pray for my hood.

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