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Zyair-AydelottZyair Aydellott has scratches under his left eye, on his arm and hand. He is only seven-years-old, but already has a story to tell.

On a windy morning in July, little Zyair was playing and riding his scooter near the basketball court of his apartment complex. The placid, familiar scene came crashing to a decisive end when a large tree branch suddenly fell on Zyair.

A thick branch crushed the scooter and left the child with minor scratches and bruises. One of Zyair’s shoes was thrown off as the tree collapsed.

The next day, a crew from Rod’s Tree Service removed the downed tree. Zyair watched from afar as the tree workers revved their chainsaws and fed branches into a grinder.

Slowly, the boy moved closer to the tree and the workers. He finally moved near enough to glance around and find his missing shoe.

“I was happy the tree was being chopped down and was happy that I got my shoe back,” Zyair says. “I am scared to go past a tree now.”

Dorethea Savage, the boy’s grandmother, breathed a sigh of sighed of relief when she told me how fortunate her family had been to have young Zyair escape with only minor scratches.

“I want management to cut all of these old and rotted dead trees down,” she says. “I think my grandson son is very brave. He is a trooper. He did not even cry.”

Tree-service-with-boyGrandmother and grandson can reflect on the miraculous twists of fate that in one instant hurtled Zyair into harm’s way, then reversed course and allowed him to escape without significant injury.

A few days later, Dorethea Savage, spoke with management. They compensated the child with a new scooter and $570.

As for the tree, it was completely chopped down and reduced to sawdust.


Tamara Knox

About Tamara Knox
Ms. Knox works as an assistant and photographer at the Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center. She has a passion for photography and community service and holds an Associates degree from City College in photography. She is involved with many organizations, including Head Start and San Francisco Junior Giants, on behalf of her son Shamar, who attends Camellia Basic Elementary.


  1. Marie Desha says

    Hi Tamara,

    Article is well wriiten, hearlfelt with a happy ending. I’m very proud of you! Your accomplishments and growth continues to amaze me. Keep fullfilling your dreams.

    Marie Desha
    SETA Head Start

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