Rich despite it all

SunshineIn spite of the beatings – you could hurt my body, but you couldn’t kill my soul.

In spite of your inability to love me (parents), I felt loved by my guardian angel and God.

In spite of your lack of encouragement, I was still bright.

In spite of my lack of toys and things, I found wonder in nature.

You couldn’t stop me from praying, even if I didn’t have a voice.

Learning to endure – gathering unimaginable strength. A strong mind, a strong heart, steadfastness.

Profound gifts, hidden – to grow later.

Training and tempering.

Trials by fire.

Falling down and getting up.

Nearly dying, but not dying.

Always going on to higher ground, never giving up.

Gaining wisdom, crying, and experiencing joy.

I am going to suck every once out of this life and do every good thing I can, try not to miss anything.

I am experiencing life, not just living it.

Boy, am I rich!

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