Resolutions kept and broken

MariannaWhat’s your New Year’s resolution for 2016? And how successful were you keeping resolutions you made for 2015?

I hit the streets of South Sacramento between Oak Park and downtown to ask residents. I was curious how many participants would express a desire for a healthier lifestyle. I met some cool folks who took time to chat and reflect on goals set, met and ignored!

Check out the video:


  1. GG says

    You always hear about what the “next” resolution will be but not if the were kept or broken. This makes me want to have ask others the same. The open honest answers were great reality!

    Nice work!

  2. Shardé Oliva says

    This video makes me realize what I need to do to complete all of 2016 resolutions. It definitely opened my eyes in a perspective of understanding what and why I did not complete 2015 resolutions and it motivates me to go forward with my goals for 2016!!
    Thank for this clip!
    Watching this on December 31st just makes 2016 more realistic….2016 is finally here and so are my goals.

  3. Tanecia Jordan bka Mzjai Jona says

    Cool! I love the topic. I can’t even remember mine going into 2015 I think so muched happened in 2015 I really lost track smh. But Thank God for a new year another try! 2016 will be to pray for my enemies and pray with my friends

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