Public service never easy

Sunshine PruettJay Schenirer had a burning desire, a dream and a vision. His heart’s desire: to serve and make a difference.

He would let anything stop him from getting the chance and opportunity to make his dreams real. It was hard for him to get that chance. In 2010, as an underdog with few endorsements, he won a seat on the Sacramento City Council, representing more than 20 neighborhoods in South Sacramento. He was re-elected in 2014.

It has been conflicting for him to do his job and have the heart that he has. I have observed that he shows up – way beyond what is required. There are other people’s opinions, realities and constraints he must deal with. He has faced the reality of political life head on.

Criticisms can wound privately, but a good elected official presses on. Schenirer has a genuine heart for Oak Park and its people – especially the little ones and the young ones coming up.

The city councilman has made a difference, left his mark. The world is a better place and forever changed for the good because a dedicated public servant actually serves – in the deepest sense of the word.


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