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Sacramento Voices is designed for easy navigation among diverse topics, whether you’re following Ryan Avalos’ suggestions for dealing with unleashed dogs to Tamara Knox’s description of tragedy avoided. Drop in on Andrea Weathington’s visit to an Oak Park women’s shelter, by clicking on her name and photo under “2014 Authors.” Or click “2014 Project Blogs,” which brings all stories, plus videos by Burt Clemons and Jaeseana Craft-Hollis. For specific categories, the “Health” link brings Alisa Xiong’s unique story of a Hmong Shaman bridging two worlds, plus Francisco Gutierrez’s report on a walking trail and Krystle Hudson’s profile of a woman building a successful business despite significant health problems. Roze Castaneda’s introspective piece about depression is under “Surviving.” Nailah Ware explores the fight against illegal dumping in “South Sacramento in Transition.” We invite your comments and feedback. Thank you for visiting Sacramento Voices.

2014 Authors

2014 Project Blogs