Outsider earns trust

Ricardo LopezSacramento City Councilman Jay Schenirer visited Sacramento Voices community journalists and gave insight into what he thinks are interesting stories relevant to the South Sacramento neighborhoods Voices represent.

“Young people have been most important to me,” Schenirer says.

He speaks of how he got funding to help rebuild McClatchy Park, a notoriously troubled place. Now the park features summer programs, an upgraded playground and a water mister for kids.

Schenirer is ambitious, and considers Oak Park his biggest challenge. The councilman is very aware that his face is the last image some people in South Sacramento may want to see or trust – because he’s white and lives in an affluent neighborhood adjacent to Oak Park.

But this doesn’t stop him from going into the neighborhoods and developing the Triangle Project, which put around $15 million into community renovations in the Oak Park area, along Broadway and 35th Street.

Schenirer defeated an opponent nobody thought he could beat when he first won the council seat in 2010. Now that he’s in his second term, he wants to create a “national model” for neighborhood renovation. His goal remains the same, to protect and nurture the future for young people.



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