My campus, a war zone

CourtnyThe fatal shooting that took place at Sacramento City College last week (Sept. 3) was another school shooting, but not the last. As long as there are fools with guns, there will continue to be shootings that injure or take lives.

I was there that day. My Fashion class began at 1 p.m. and ended at 2:20. I am extremely blessed (and I count my blessings on every end) because, had I been tangled up in that lockdown, my children would have been stuck at their schools and I would have been stuck in the student parking garage.

I have no relatives or friends who could have picked my children up and kept them safe until I was given the OK to leave school. I’m so happy I left when I did, before the trouble.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.47.24 AMI hear about shootings at schools all the time now as if it’s natural. But I didn’t think it would happen at SCC. Well, I take that back. It’s a community college campus with students, loiterers, homeless people and the likes walking around freely.

Where is the security? Why did it take 40 to 45 minutes for students to be notified about the shooting? That could have been more lives taken if the shooter didn’t have a set target.

Something needs to be done quickly about response times when such an emergency occurs. With all the money students spend on books and other materials for college, one would think that out of all that currency the school makes off struggling students, there would be a larger presence of police and security on the campus. But there isn’t.

These random acts of violence need to end, but they won’t. As long as the U.S. continues to produce guns and sell them with very little restrictions and let weapons slip into the hands of criminals, we will see these situations.

I hate that a young man lost his life trying to better himself. I did not know the young man who was killed on our campus. But I do know he was a student like myself. He was trying to better himself with an education.

SCC was very selfish, asking students to come to class the next day. I had a Friday class but I did not go. I skipped class to let things calm down. I dislike that I live in a society where I don’t feel safe anywhere anymore.

I live in the United States of America. But it feels like I live in a worn-torn country like Syria, always under attack.


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