Local business: a city’s heart and soul

MariannaThere’s an awakening happening in Sacramento. Between big businesses booming, the arena looming and developments popping up everywhere, major change is happening.


With every twist and turn, the city is paving the way to become the major metropolitan center that will finally remind visitors that San Francisco and Los Angeles are not the capital of California.

This old cow town has become the belle of the big city ball. There are exciting ventures, objects and collaborations unfolding with a momentum that can’t be denied.

The world may see Sacramento blossoming and competing, growing and striving, but there’s an untold story, one that can’t be silenced by the crash and boom of construction and commercial development.

It’s an ancient story, one that began with craftsmanship and skill from a community that patiently served its residents with care and concern. Those craftsmen never wavered or compromised the important details that often get lost in the frenzy of capitalism.

Who exactly are we talking about? Who has been in your corner? Tending to your needs? Mastering the quality service you deserve? Who are these humans who fight to never go extinct or unappreciated?

We are your local business owners. We have serviced your greatest of grandmothers and fathers. We have buried your loved ones, sewn your wedding gowns and arranged your flowers on the most special occasions.

We have cared for your children, elders and pets when you’ve needed a safe, secure plan to step out into the world. We have done your taxes, fixed your cars and kept your lawns beautiful, fit for royalty.

We don’t always have bright lights, the glossiest flyers or newest technology. But we care. We offer your kindness with a personal touch, a quality that robots cannot provide. And guess what? The personal touch, it comes with the service.

We greet you. We remember your names, look out for our loved ones and want the best for you. We pride ourselves on the connection, as it’s truly an honor to serve you.

To us, you are more than a number. You are more than a well-accounted purchase. Of course, we appreciate your business, but that’s just it: you are more than just business. You are the representative of countless generations who have valued our services, crafts and goods.

We don’t bombard you. We respect your space without the need to impose. We let our work speak for itself, investing in the outcome more than promises.

We aren’t hard to find. Most of us still operate with that age-old strategy, the method that predates Google and professional marketing: word-of-mouth.

I challenge you, the next time you need a service, ask mom, ask pops – ask someone you trust for a great referral. We need you. A great way to support your city is to support the small, local business people who truly care about you.

Today, take time to look up a local business owner. Great communities make great cities. Go Sacramento.

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