Let gentrification bring us together

Sacramento Voices 2015Sacramento Voices correspondent Richard Abrusci counts diversity as one of Oak Park’s greatest strengths, a testament to the community’s health.

But he finds diversity isn’t universally embraced on the streets of Oak Park. And that’s a problem: no neighborhood can consider itself healthy when neighbors distrust and dispute.

The Oak Park mosaic is changing — it’s been shifting for a century — and adapting to those changes is the biggest challenge the community faces as our series on the health of South Sacramento neighborhoods continues.

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R.E. Graswich, the Sacramento Voices coordinator, has four decades of experience in Sacramento media, communications, policy and politics. Career highlights: Sacramento Bee Metro columnist, video columnist for CBS 13, drive-time co-anchor for KFBK, Special Assistant to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and author of the Amazon sports best-seller "Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA's Orphan Team," a history of the most traveled franchise in U.S. major league sports.

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