Learning to stay strong together

Farm“Are you my brother’s keeper?”

“I am my brother’s keeper!”

More than 300 young people from our community chanted those words in response to  Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson earlier this year at an event called My Brother’s Keeper Convening.

“What does it mean to be your brother’s keeper?” you may ask.

My Brother’s Keeper is an initiative — a community challenge Mayor Johnson brought back to Sacramento from the White House after meeting with President Obama.

The president invited a number of community leaders and county executives to promote his goal of building and executing plans to ensure that all young people of color can achieve their full potential.

When the mayor brought the initiative to Sacramento, he gathered community leaders to work on plans that would give our young people a better opportunity to succeed. The task-force and partnership among many organizations in our community will require action planning for long-term success.

After several meetings, the group held a convening event to give young people the opportunity to voice opinions and concerns about their community.

The convening gathered more than 300 youths from local middle school and high schools, and over 200 community leaders. It was an opportunity for young individuals to discuss issues in our community. Three key areas were highlighted: Education, employment and public safety.

Mayor Kevin Johnson

Mayor Kevin Johnson

To address these concerns, experts in each field presented a panel discussion. During the discussion, young people were given the opportunity to address concerns.

The event was very successful. The mayor’s leadership group gathered and analyzed concerns and suggestions and began making plans to help young people of color succeed in our community.

Being “my brother’s keeper” means I will help my fellow brothers and sisters stay on track to succeed!

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