Guns: A line between protection and violence

Sacramento Voices 2015Sacramento Voices correspondents sat down to contemplate the question of gun violence in our communities, an issue that has become a major focus for President Obama.

Correspondents were asked whether they had been personally touched by gun violence, and how that may have shaped their perceptions. They were asked about the impact of guns in their South Sacramento communities, and their personal feelings toward gun ownership. Their essays, which are being jointly published by the Oakland Tribune, follow.


About R.E. Graswich
R.E. Graswich, the Sacramento Voices coordinator, has four decades of experience in Sacramento media, communications, policy and politics. Career highlights: Sacramento Bee Metro columnist, video columnist for CBS 13, drive-time co-anchor for KFBK, Special Assistant to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson and author of the Amazon sports best-seller "Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin Johnson and the NBA's Orphan Team," a history of the most traveled franchise in U.S. major league sports.

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