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DSC_0245After covering the Afrikan Market Place, held every first Saturday of the month at 2251 Florin Road, I was inspired to check out some products and follow up with local business owners who provide healthy alternatives to the goods we buy.

I notice many people are ready to make healthier-life changes. As a reporter, I will always share healthy options for self-improvement. There are many local business owners in South Sacramento dedicated to self-healing and healthy living. Check out my Community Block Report, part of our “Health In The Hood” series:

Shani Ali is the owner of Raw Market Company, an all natural and organic skin care product line. Her desire to help the community combined with her love for creating herbal skin concoctions has become the motivation to her blossoming business.

Ali serves a market of consumers who enjoy her revitalizing combinations. Specialty items include body scrubs and bath teas. Check out Raw Company on Facebook or contact for more information.

The aroma from the herbal blends are simply magical. I purchased the tea bath. Listen, when I tell you, you’ve never had a bath like this, it’s true! It was heavenly. Do not underestimate the healing powers of a hot herbal bath. I must say, it was heavenly. If you want to feel like a tall glass of sunshine and rose petals, get some of that bath tea and take a dip.

LaRock Rahman is a local Sacramento business owner of Rahman Royal Organic Products with a sensational line of body essentials. Her hottest items, Rahman Royal Deodorant and Toothpaste, are all free from cancer-causing chemicals. Her formulas are created to serve the community with healthier options for natural personal hygiene. Check out LaRock Rahman on Facebook or contact her at (916) 582-2130.

I’ve used the deodorant for one week, and it’s amazing. I’ve wanted to transition to a non-toxic deodorant, but I sweat — a lot. Not only was the fragrance nice, I didn’t sweat or have any issues with clothing stains. I’m pleased, dry and satisfied. No sweaty, hot mama. No rings on my blouse. Right on Rahman Royal, Right On.

Ricky Jackson is a distributor of natural products for Naturally Yours Holistic, specializing in soaps, lotions, and creams. His goal is to provide high quality, fair trade products to the community and contribute to positive cooperative economic practices. Specialty items include: Black Soap and Shea Butter Creams. Check out for catalog items and contact

As a natural hair care stylist, I use shea butter on a daily basis. I’ve used raw yellow and refined shea butter. Ricky had a whipped shea butter that had an excellent texture and consistency. It was thick enough to hold the styled hair, and smooth enough to evenly distribute throughout the hair.

As a community correspondent for Sacramento Voices, it’s my duty to report issues, but also shed light on solutions within the South Sacramento community. My mission in journalism is to use my voice for awareness and self-improvement.

This is your Community Block Report, a salute to healthy business owners in the ‘hood.

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