Fruitridge-Franklin Health: Step over the tracks

RicardoFor the past four years, I’ve been fond of the neighborhood I live in. A neighborhood considered to be bad – or “ghetto” – because it’s in the middle of the Franklin and Fruitridge neighborhoods.

Yes, there’s often a helicopter in the sky, hovering around looking for who knows what. The neighborhood’s health looks sketchy on the outside. But on the inside, it’s not bad.

There are liquor stores, but not on every block. There is only one cannabis club. And there are plenty options for grocery shopping. Sacramento City College is a light rail ride away.

One reason I think my neighborhood is considered bad is because it’s located directly parallel to Hollywood Park.

The proximity of the more affluent Hollywood Park community makes for an interesting contrast – a contrast separated by train tracks.

Fruitridge-Franklin 1On one side, you have the nice neighborhood with neatly mowed, green lawns, nice schools and a Raley’s supermarket.

On the other side, you have no lawns, just brown dead grass, or sometimes even dirt. But the community is just as tight as its neighbor.

I know Hollywood and Land Park residents who like to cross the tracks for their groceries, because the countless Mexican stores that reside on Franklin Boulevard. They like to get their fresh meat and produce, as well as baked goods. The best Mexican food resides in this neighborhood, and who doesn’t love Mexican food?

The main reason why I enjoyed living in this area, besides the great food, is because it is so close to City College. It’s very convenient for a student to live less than five minutes from campus, trust me.

The one gripe I have and would like to see addressed someday is a safer and quicker way to the Fruitridge light rail station. People who live nearby know what I mean.

Franklin Fruitridge 2If you live behind the station, you have to walk all the way around to get there, which means a 15-minute walk. Or, you can just walk along the train tracks and it takes less than seven minutes.

But walking along railroad tracks is hardly safe.

Other than that complaint, the neighborhood seems pretty healthy to me. There are schools and parks nearby. And a lot of diversity since all of us opposite of the tracks will come into contact with each other sooner or later.

Just cross the tracks and find out for yourself.

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