Clothes celebrate city’s style

AudreyellAll the talk about the glitz and glam of New York’s Fashion week is fine, but Sacramento had its own Fashion Week as February came to a close.

To be honest, I had no idea Sacramento had a Fashion Week. The closest I’ve come to a fashion show in Sacramento was through shows like America’s Next Top Model and Runway Project. But I’ve always admired the creativity and vision that designers demonstrate in forecasting the next generation’s culture and identities.

fashion 1Have you ever stopped to think about how much clothing says about a person? What you wear impacts career opportunities, friendships, personal safety, health, cultural orientation and personality. Clothing screams louder and communicates far in advance of our words.

But few of us make our own clothes. Our choice in garments says a great deal about the amount of power we place in the hands of fashion designers.

fashion 2I had the pleasure of attending Sacramento’s Fashion Week 2016 on Richards Boulevard. Initially, I attended the event to support one of the designers, a personal friend, Frances Wright, whose fashion line is the Queen’s Chair. And I was looking for a fun outing in honor of my birthday earlier in the week. Let me tell you, I got so much more out of it.


fashion 3The evening started with nine designers, a variety of collections from men’s to women’s fashion and a variety of cultural perspectives, including hijabs, and Lena Trotsko’s Maleficent’s fashion line. It ended with a personal conversation with a very proud mother of one of the models.

During the event, I found myself jumping up and down — excited along with the mother of Nicole Williams, lead model for Prince Singh’s line. Mom raved over her daughter. The energy and pride was contagious and matched the elegance and poise of Nicole’s entrance on the runway. It was her first runway opportunity. In my humble opinion, she stole the show.

My interaction with Nicole and her mother reminded me of how human fashion design really is. From wearer to model to designer, fashion touches us all. Needless to say, I will be on the lookout for next year’s Sacramento Fashion Week.

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