Coming from a Voice near you: South Sac vids


Visitors to Sacramento Voices get it immediately. They see the powerful impact of words, focused exclusively on the community, by the community, from the community. Now, as Sacramento Voices evolves, the correspondents are ready to branch into a new phase, with an emphasis on video storytelling. Several compelling, unique video pieces can already be found […]

Three bullets, and a new reason to live


Christopher “Coon the Poet” Coon has three bullet holes to remind him of his greater purpose in life. The Valley Hi native is 25 now, but he almost didn’t survive his teen years. While walking home from school on March 1, 2006, Coon was shot multiple times by a schoolmate. A familiar adolescent dispute – […]

Farm to fork, Laos to South Sac


From Laos to Thailand and now South Sacramento, the seeds survived. They have been buried in the rich soil at each stop and nurtured to life by Khoua Lee, a woman who was born to garden. “If I do not plant my seeds, they will die,” Khoua says. “So I have to plant them to […]