Compassion is where you find it

Sacramento Voices correspondent Sunshine Pruett is a passionate advocate for homeless people in South Sacramento and across our community. She knows what she’s talking about. She’s been homeless herself. Pruett raises some provocative questions about the community’s relative compassion — citing the outpouring of assistance given to fire victims and even stray pets — toward […]

Looks can deceive

Sacramento Voices correspondent Farm Saephan surveyed the health of her neighborhood around 47th Avenue by looking beyond the obvious. She found liquor stores and auto shops. She noted occasional prostitutes and drug addicts. And she looked more deeply into the community’s heart. She went past the negative images to find families, churches, schools and a […]

‘Summer Nights’ opens doors in Oak Park

Sara Aboueljoud

From school board to city council, Jay Schenirer has been a leader and elected official in Sacramento for 13 years. He approaches public service as a selfless act, and has helped improve the quality of life in the more than 20 communities he represents as the council member for District 5. Schenirer is best known […]

Public service never easy

Sunshine Pruett

Jay Schenirer had a burning desire, a dream and a vision. His heart’s desire: to serve and make a difference. He would let anything stop him from getting the chance and opportunity to make his dreams real. It was hard for him to get that chance. In 2010, as an underdog with few endorsements, he […]

Progress starts with open ears in Oak Park

Courtny Thomas

Sacramento Voices had the privilege to meet and interview Jay Schenirer, city councilman for some of the South Sacramento neighborhoods represented by Voices. Schenirer discussed improvements and plans being made for Oak Park, which include a $2.8 million renovation of McClatchy Park – a project that has brought a skate park and new playground. “There’s […]

Tribute to G


We never see it coming. It comes like a flash bolt. Here one minute and gone the next. But when it’s here, it is powerful, fear enticing, and dangerous. That, brothers and sisters, is depression. Depression vilifies us as individuals. It makes us feel as though we have no significant purpose; hopeless, paranoid, sad, angry, […]

Youth football wins big for reluctant Mom


I will admit it: I cringed at the idea of my son playing junior league football. I cringed at the violence, on the field and off, and the behavior of some players who should know better: the men who play in the NFL. And I cringed at the danger of injury, temporary and permanent, faced […]