On the street where you live

Sacramento Voices is a community journalism project that does exactly what the name implies — provide voices for our neighborhoods. In keeping with this spirit, the Voices will be describing some essential components of their neighborhoods: the shops and merchants and people who make them unique. Ricardo Lopez’s story about La Esperanza bakery follows.

Journalism meets community activism

Nailah Pope-Harden

“You can give a community everything they need. But if they are not valued, they gain nothing.” These words reflect the core and impetus of Nailah Pope-Harden, alum of Sacramento Voices, which she describes as the first taste of what real journalism could be, the journalism she’d like to write. At the youthful age of […]

Tonight: Sac Voices forum on health and stress

Toxic stress in childhood and its devastating impact on communities will be examined tonight at the first Sacramento Voices Community Forum in Oak Park. Dr. Andres Sciolla, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at UC Davis, will lead the discussion, highlighting his research into toxic stress among children. The Community Forum will begin at 6 p.m. […]

A green oasis blooms on Broadway

plant foundry

On small lot along 35th Street in Oak Park, across from a coffee shop and an auto repair service, sits a business that brings organic plants and greenery to the community. Angela Pratt is owner and operator of The Plant Foundry, an urban nursery that provides Oak Park with certified organic plants, soils and seeds. […]

St. Hope: A pathway in Oak Park

st hope principal

Sacramento High School, Oak Park Prep, Public School 7 Elementary (PS7E), Public School 7 Middle (PS7M), and Triumph Center for Early Childhood Education are under the St. Hope free public school system in Sacramento. Founded in 2003 by Kevin Johnson, five years before he was elected mayor, these charter schools serve the Oak Park community. […]

How we teach and learn in Oak Park

Sacramento Voices correspondent Coutrny Thomas spent some time learning about Oak Park’s unique public charter school education system, St. Hope. The program educates young people from across the community at several campuses, from kindergarten to high school graduation. The goal is to prepare underserved children for college, giving them the same opportunities for higher education […]

Small business make Oak Park ‘Great for all people’

Turn on the local news and national news and you often hear political pundits talk about “Joe the Plumber” and other small business owners. They describe small businesses as if they are the only thing that matters. Well, while some assertions from TV talking heads and politicians are hyperbolic, they are real. Oak Park is […]

New light rail service brings communities closer

Blue Line sign

After years of planning and construction, the Regional Transit Blue Line light rail trains began operating to Cosumnes River College this summer. Talk of the line’s extension began in 2009. The environmental research and documents were completed and approved. The paperwork formed the basis for construction that soon began in the neighborhoods the line would […]

South Sac Health: Plea for prayer

Homeless people, broken, no place to go. Drug crazed people, lying, dying, fighting life and hating it. The empty houses that were once somebody’s home. All of their possessions thrown in the street. Hauled away. Along with all of their hopes and dreams. Streets getting too quiet. Where once there was laughter, music and community. […]

Common prayer for uncommon place

Sacramento Voices correspondent Sunshine Pruett regards the health of her Oak Park neighborhood in poetic terms. She sees the community changing, and fears for its future. She longs for a neighborhood of vibrancy and respect and room for all, a place where businesses and families thrive and people can get help when they need it. […]