Walks in the woods

In dealing with my daughter, I was challenged by ongoing and old family garbage and disfunction – the game playing, deceit, greed and underlying rage. My daughter had been estranged from the family for 16 years. She is compromised mentally, and has trauma issues. Her mode of operation was manipulation and deceit. Playing people against […]

In my world, a new victim every day

In the world I live in and the places I go, I’m in close contact with many disenfranchised and hurting people. Many homeless women come to Wellspring. There are now more and more homeless men, women and children in our Oak Park community. I volunteer for Safeground when my Bayside Church in midtown hosts it. […]

Finding deeper truths amid media silence

In our society, we are media driven. Our media are biased to favor, to be entranced by politics and power. The media can engender passion and compassion, or negativity, and almost a kind of hate or dislike. Light the fire of opinion and it will spread, fueled by social media. If you can convince someone […]

Who decides the value of a life?

In the news this summer we have seen the victims of the great fires ravishing our state, people who have become homeless. From the beginning, every kind of help and comfort has been there for them. We all have compassion. We want to help in some way. This compassion reaches down to homeless animals – […]

South Sac Health: Plea for prayer

Homeless people, broken, no place to go. Drug crazed people, lying, dying, fighting life and hating it. The empty houses that were once somebody’s home. All of their possessions thrown in the street. Hauled away. Along with all of their hopes and dreams. Streets getting too quiet. Where once there was laughter, music and community. […]

Taught to hate, learn to love

We had an assignment to write about someone in our family who inspired us, or write about someone we admire. I went down my list of family members and couldn’t honestly find one. Pretty sad, I thought. I contemplated what to write and realized that all of them, one way or another, had “inspired” me […]

Public service never easy

Sunshine Pruett

Jay Schenirer had a burning desire, a dream and a vision. His heart’s desire: to serve and make a difference. He would let anything stop him from getting the chance and opportunity to make his dreams real. It was hard for him to get that chance. In 2010, as an underdog with few endorsements, he […]