When smiles hide scars

From the outside, Marissa was no different from most 15 year olds. An abrasive, sweet, introverted, exploring teen, she struggled in some areas and excelled in others. Her love for friends, music, fashion and sports provided the rose-colored lens she needed the world to see her through. Marissa loved spending time with her family, despite […]

Oak Park Health: Critical condition, but stable

The early 1900s painted Oak Park as a cultural hub, thriving economically, and a neighborhood with a strong sense of community. Today, opinions vary. As a proud resident of Oak Park, I find comfort in its diversity, creativity, resourcefulness, wealth, poverty, and its ability to divide the community as it slushes through the mud, hoping […]

Behind the bar, a beacon of light

“You never, ever, ever, listen to someone tell you, ‘You can’t,’ when you know that you can,” she told me as we looked through old photos. Vivid memories don’t come easily to me. I bask in the recall of monumental accomplishments, fun weekends away or heartbreaking pain, but rarely with words. Verna “Toddy” Broughton never […]

How to be a city council member

Richard Abrusci

It’s nearly impossible to dispute the visible results Sacramento City Councilman Jay Schenirer has accomplished as he navigates through the increasingly difficult political mayhem while serving his second, and most likely final, term. A humble man to say the least, Mr. Schenirer speaks candidly about why he ran. “There was really no voice for young […]