Nailah Ware

About Nailah Ware
Ms. Ware attends California State University, Sacramento, and works as an assistant at the California Secretary of State election office. She is president of the Glen Elder neighborhood association, and is passionate about the way political decisions impact individual neighborhoods. She is especially interested in issues involving public transportation.

Lessons from strong mayor’s failure


My conclusion after covering the fight over Measure L, Sacramento’s strong mayor initiative, is the “No on L” side ran a great campaign but had a horrible election night party. A few blocks away, “Yes on L” ran a bad campaign but had a great party. It was the voters who had the final say […]

Why I’m voting No on Strong Mayor


Mayor Kevin Johnson is the villain you love to hate. He’s the magician who does a great hat trick, but only later do you realize he stole your wallet. He is a beautiful rose with so many thorns you cannot enjoy it. He swoops into Oak Park, saves Sacramento High School, rebuilds Oak Park, gets […]

Bus service goes nowhere in Glen Elder


Sabrina Drayton is eager to accomplish her dreams and make a better life. To do this, she starts each day by walking more than one mile to the bus stop. “I have to do what I have to do,” Drayton says. “I have been sitting around for too long just waiting.” Four years ago, Regional […]

Three bullets, and a new reason to live


Christopher “Coon the Poet” Coon has three bullet holes to remind him of his greater purpose in life. The Valley Hi native is 25 now, but he almost didn’t survive his teen years. While walking home from school on March 1, 2006, Coon was shot multiple times by a schoolmate. A familiar adolescent dispute – […]

Getting dumped on


“I know increasing police presence isn’t always what the community wants, but in the case of illegal dumping, it’s the most effective deterrent,” Police Sgt. Don Crye says. “We have employed many efforts to stop illegal dumping in this community, but we just have to catch people in the act.”