South Sac Health: Listen to Mom

It’s not hard to find. It’s done in darkness and light. It’s in our homes, schools and workplaces. It’s everywhere, frequenting our families and friends. It’s on the news and in every paper. It’s glorified in music, multimedia and entertainment. Did you guess it? Yes. The answer is poverty, communities full of poor and underserved […]

Passage to womanhood, understood

N’sheema Kali Ralph is a 13-year-old student ready to begin her freshman year at The Met High School downtown. Her peanut butter brown skin, thick curly hair and infectious smile captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. The kindness in her spirit reflects a sense of innocence and honesty that most of […]

Even heroes need ice cream


  No one really worries about superheroes. Where do they go after saving the day? Do they sit down for a home-cooked meal? Are they afraid to get their naïve butts kicked once launched into a fight? What do they do when there’s no hero business to be done? Does anyone volunteer to help? Of […]