Oak Park’s silent divide

There’s a city I know Once just a cow town with plenty of trees and dusty roads. Diverse groups of people  Seeking to live equal. Weather just right no desert, no snow. If you travel down Broadway it serves as a hallway to the center of the city’s heart. Yet something is changing  there’s been rearranging […]

Local business: a city’s heart and soul

There’s an awakening happening in Sacramento. Between big businesses booming, the arena looming and developments popping up everywhere, major change is happening.   With every twist and turn, the city is paving the way to become the major metropolitan center that will finally remind visitors that San Francisco and Los Angeles are not the capital of California. This […]

Gun most comfortable

When I think about gun violence, I visualize crazy movie scenes. Action movies. Ghetto stories. But in an instant, reality hits, and I realize guns are not just some sensational act in cinema. It’s real. I’ve gone to a gun store and got my permit, even checked out a few. They were all cold and […]

Get healthy, local style

After covering the Afrikan Market Place, held every first Saturday of the month at 2251 Florin Road, I was inspired to check out some products and follow up with local business owners who provide healthy alternatives to the goods we buy. I notice many people are ready to make healthier-life changes. As a reporter, I […]

Street Hits goes to market

Latest Street Hits video: we visit the Afrikan Market Place, which operates the first Saturday of every month in South Sacramento at 2251 Florin Road, the Sojourner Truth center. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwWFKgNieHBwU3lRNlRWRy1rNTg/view Video credits: Tiffany Franklin (photography) and Marianna Sousa (editing).

Resolutions kept and broken

What’s your New Year’s resolution for 2016? And how successful were you keeping resolutions you made for 2015? I hit the streets of South Sacramento between Oak Park and downtown to ask residents. I was curious how many participants would express a desire for a healthier lifestyle. I met some cool folks who took time […]

How to save yourself: survival kit made easy

Marianne Sousa demonstrates a survival kit.

Let’s face it: emergencies can hit on any day. The unknown risks of emergency or crises cause uneasiness and worry. But have no fear. You can be your biggest savior. The idea is not to walk around in fear, but to be aware of safety precautions — and be responsible enough to create crisis prevention […]

Hip-hop speaks louder than words

Adam Freas, left, and Kenneth Times. Photo by Christopher Williams.

One by one they arrived and huddled in small, tribe-like circles. The room began to fill with laughter, knuckle bumps and warm embraces. The environment buzzed with excitement and anticipation. Hundreds of high school and college students from South Sacramento neighborhoods gathered early one Saturday in October to attend the annual “Rock The School Bells” youth […]

Exceptional women take charge


Hundreds of ambitious businesswomen gathered Oct. 3 at the Hilton Sacramento Arden West for the Sac Cultural Hub Media Foundation’s Seventh Annual Exceptional Women of Color Networking Brunch Conference. This special event buzzed with networking entrepreneurs and owners of several South Sacramento businesses. The EWOC conference is dedicated to honoring women and girls who exemplify […]