How to build diversity among police officers

Police officers make news — and often, it’s not good news. Recent events involving use of deadly force by police have led much of our society to develop a less than optimistic perspective toward men and women in law enforcement. For this reason, Asian Resources, Inc. has taken the initiative to help change perceptions and […]

Learning to stay strong together

“Are you my brother’s keeper?” “I am my brother’s keeper!” More than 300 young people from our community chanted those words in response to  Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson earlier this year at an event called My Brother’s Keeper Convening. “What does it mean to be your brother’s keeper?” you may ask. My Brother’s Keeper is […]

47th Avenue Health: Look beneath the cover

Two liquor stores, two gas stations, two day-care centers, two churches, two parks and three schools. Those are a few establishments I observed in my neighborhood the past few weeks. I live in a residential neighborhood at the corner of 47th Avenue and Stockton Boulevard. The names of this intersection sounds familiarly “ghetto,” right? You […]

My superwoman

Farm mom

One day in college, my professor asked the class to write about our “hero,” our “role model,” or an “inspirational figure.” Someone we looked up to. I was stuck. I had no idea who or what to write about. Growing up, these words had no meaning in my life. I wasn’t raised with nursery rhymes […]

‘Oak Park Smart’ speaks for community

Farm Saephan

Get ready for “Oak Park Smart,” a new initiative to celebrate and encourage the students, principals and teachers in the Oak Park community. Sacramento City Councilman Jay Schenirer represents District 5, which covers Oak Park, Curtis Park and South Land Park, among more than 20 neighborhoods in South Sacramento. Schenirer is passionate about finding ways […]