When you’re always hungry

Poverty Pic 2

What is a poor person and what does poverty look like? That’s a basic and critical question that hundreds of millions of Americans face today. More likely than not, your neighbor, brother, aunt and friends are dealing with this issue. Particularly in South Sacramento and Oak Park — “OP” — this issue is common. OP […]

The case for legalized prostitution

America was founded on principles, primarily the rule of law. This means our country uses set standards, flexibility, freedom and liberty to uphold its values. The value under discussion in this essay is prostitution. Why isn’t prostitution considered classy? If two consenting, well-adjusted adults choose to engage in an activity, it is not my concern. […]

Small business make Oak Park ‘Great for all people’

Turn on the local news and national news and you often hear political pundits talk about “Joe the Plumber” and other small business owners. They describe small businesses as if they are the only thing that matters. Well, while some assertions from TV talking heads and politicians are hyperbolic, they are real. Oak Park is […]

Sac City shooting: Is Hollywood accountable?

It was something you would see in movies like “Die Hard” or “Terminator,” only this time it was Sacramento City College, where last week a man with a gun went on a rampage. Three years ago, the location was Colorado, where the deranged gunman, James Holmes, shot 70 people and killed 12. Holmes was dressed […]

Oak Park Health: Too many liquor stores? Not necessarily

OP 1

Oak Park and South Sacramento are rapidly changing. Oak Park has new homes, thriving businesses and new developments, springing up virtually every month. But OP still has a reputation, possibly unfair, for drugs, crime, gangs and alcohol. Some residents cite and lament easy access to alcohol, via liquor stores, as the genesis of the past […]

Tough balancing act for Schenirer

eugene willis

Jay Schenirer is a Sacramento City Councilman with sound, consistent principles, as evidenced by the creation of his highly lauded “WayUp” program. WayUp establishes a partnership between the health and education sectors in Sacramento and focuses on a distinct and underserved geographic area of South Sacramento communities. Contrast Oak Park with Schenirer’s constituents in the […]