Where did family go?

Family. What is family? This question has been on my mind, so I decided to write. I was inspired by a recent incident that happened with my biological family. It made me want to ask, “What is family?” Is family the scientific meaning? Biological? Having the same mom and dad? Is family something a young […]

Pull the trigger first

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution says U.S. citizens have the right to bear arms. I agree with this. I believe any stable-minded individual with the right training on how to use a gun should be able to own a firearm, if that’s their choice. What I don’t agree with is the type […]

Success honors parents, opportunities

For Sacramento City College students, the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services office has one main focus: counseling. Each student has a specific counselor assigned to him or her. The three counselors in the EOPS office — Adam Freas, Sandy Ruedas, and Ken Times — are part of a team led by Irma Rodriguez. They counsel […]

Dream job brings chance to help

During her time in college, Irma Sandoval Rodriguez was like many students: she used the programs she found available. Financial aid and Extended Opportunity Programs and Services helped her advance through college. Rodriguez’s father, whose formal education stopped at the third grade,  didn’t understand how financial aid worked. He worried that someday, someone would come […]

Helping students, paying forward

Irma Sandoval Rodriguez sits tucked away in a back office of Sacramento City College’s Rodda Hall North, surrounded by papers, books, two computers and Mexican art and artifacts on her desk and walls. Rodriguez, faculty coordinator for the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and the Cooperative Agency Resources for Education, seems blissfully at home in […]

A level-headed barber finds success

Sports Center on ESPN is playing on the flat-screen television mounted on the wall. Four barber stations, tidy and organized with clippers, mirrors, oil sheen and other materials a barber needs to manicure clients, stand ready. A chalkboard hangs above with prices. There are pictures on the wall and a vending machine with snacks. In […]

Help is there for South Sac prostitutes

Prostitution was the focus of the Sacramento Voices Community Form in November at Unseen Heroes Gallery in Oak Park. The audience had the opportunity to listen and ask questions of Terri Galvan from the group Community Against Sexual Harm (CASH). This organization helps women who are drug addicted, homeless prostitutes or the victims of sex […]

St. Hope: A pathway in Oak Park

st hope principal

Sacramento High School, Oak Park Prep, Public School 7 Elementary (PS7E), Public School 7 Middle (PS7M), and Triumph Center for Early Childhood Education are under the St. Hope free public school system in Sacramento. Founded in 2003 by Kevin Johnson, five years before he was elected mayor, these charter schools serve the Oak Park community. […]

Our humble 3

Hometown hero

Sacramento honored its “Hometown Heroes” with a parade that showcased what humility and human quality is all about. The heroes were given a September 11 celebration right on the steps of the State Capitol. Three childhood friends, Spencer Stone (called “Captain America” from a childhood nickname that he lived up to), Anthony Sadler and Alek […]

My campus, a war zone

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 10.47.24 AM

The fatal shooting that took place at Sacramento City College last week (Sept. 3) was another school shooting, but not the last. As long as there are fools with guns, there will continue to be shootings that injure or take lives. I was there that day. My Fashion class began at 1 p.m. and ended […]