Brilliant art, beautifully discovered

By Franceska Gomez. Instagram @ewfrank

I found it by accident. An afternoon walk in downtown Sacramento led me to a line of people alongside the Golden 1 Center arena construction site at 7th and L Streets. Curious, I asked where the line was leading. A man told me, “Art Hotel 916.” Spontaneously, I situated myself amongst the rapidly forming group […]

A dead child, killed by accident

When I was in middle school, a girl in my youth group accidentally shot and killed her 13-year-old brother. Like his sister, the boy was a student at our school. They had been playing hide and seek. The girl, who was 10, grabbed her father’s gun as a joke. She didn’t know or think to […]

Our health: what’s the beef?

CM meat

Since 2009, all meat sold in the U.S. included labels informing consumers where the animal was born, raised and slaughtered. But in late December, Congress repealed the law that requires Country of Origin Labeling, otherwise known as COOL. The next time you bite into steak, you may be unknowingly consuming an animal that was raised […]

Lives lost and remembered along the road

Christina mem

We become accustomed to the landmarks in our neighborhood after navigating the streets on a regular basis. The corner market that houses one of the best taquerias in town, the weathered red truck that perpetually sits along Florin Road, advertising hauling services, and the picnic bench that doubles most days as a card table in […]

A world of terror, peaceful sounds in South Sacramento


Sunday afternoon. The world reels from the horrific attacks in Paris and retaliatory bombings that follow. My children and I have spent a good portion of the weekend discussing topics of a heavy nature. Driving home from an afternoon outing, I notice a young man standing alone at a bus stop on Florin Road in […]

Teen suicide: Warning signs

The Yellow Ribbon Project, a national organization to prevent youth and young adult suicide through education, training, and public awareness campaigns, offers a detailed list of warning signs and risk factors. The list includes: Talking about wanting to die or to kill oneself Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live Talking about […]

Teen suicide: Glow sticks, memories and why

Janna 1

As the sky darkened over Garcia Bend Park one evening in late September, a large crowd gathered on the lawn, carrying French fries, balloons, candles, glow sticks and the desire to gain closure over the unexpected loss of a young life. Most of the young people drawn to the memorial were students at John F. […]

South Sac Health: Sick attitudes toward neighbors

Pocket 1

I began to notice the increased comments during the 2012-2013 school year, right about the time Sacramento City Unified School District was discussing widespread school closures. The comments varied in tone and nature. But the overall gist of the conversation was concern that children from Meadowview would be bused into Pocket schools, due to the […]

So little did I know

Martinez Dad

In all honesty, I used to be embarrassed by my dad. In retrospect, I see it’s not unusual for children to be ashamed of their parents. But my embarrassment was not about who my father was – it was more about how I feared his uniqueness would reflect upon me in the neighborhood of my […]

Today’s diversity, tomorrow’s strength

Voices Meet Councilman Schenirer

Oak Park is a historically rich neighborhood that has been the focus of many local discussions. Issues of gentrification, equitable development and crime seem to dominate people’s minds when the topic of Sacramento’s oldest suburban neighborhood comes up. But Sacramento City Council Member Jay Schenirer paints an alternate portrait of Oak Park and its residents. […]