Burt Clemons

About Burt Clemons
Mr. Clemons is passionate about videography and photography, and was among the first photographers to document life among Sacramento homeless residents during the “Tent City” occupation that gained international attention in 2009. He has provided decades of community service to neighborhoods across Sacramento. A prime concern for him is the anger visible in many South Sacramento locations.

South Sacramento considers the White House

Clemons survey

The turmoil and controversy in this year’s presidential election prompted me to get out into the community and find out what was being said about the candidates and how people were going to vote. My questions were basic: What do people think about this election, and whom are they voting for? And, why were they […]

I didn’t want to be hated like that


I was about 10 years old when I picked up a Jet Magazine and saw the face of Emmett Till on the cover.   This little magazine type-booklet was a source of news and entertainment for the black communities. It covered everything from politics to show business. The picture showed Emmett Till’s face twisted and distorted, beaten […]