A dead child, killed by accident

ChristinaWhen I was in middle school, a girl in my youth group accidentally shot and killed her 13-year-old brother. Like his sister, the boy was a student at our school.

They had been playing hide and seek. The girl, who was 10, grabbed her father’s gun as a joke. She didn’t know or think to inquire about whether it was loaded. When her brother came around the corner, she got startled. She shot him in the face. The devastation in our community was profound.

I am now a mother with children and sometimes I worry about our safety. But I will never own a gun as long as I have young people in the house. The memory of that incident has stayed with me.

I know that statistically speaking my children and I are more likely to be harmed accidentally by a gun in the home than by an intruder.

We have collectively become cowards to the bully that is the NRA and outspoken conservatives who preach in regards to gun regulation.

We should screen gun buyers as carefully as we screen our public employees. There should be a waiting period on all gun purchases. No one should have access to automatic weapons.

Would any of this have saved my classmate? Probably not. But it could save countless lives in the future.

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