2014 Authors

Tamara Knox
Tamara Knox Ms. Knox works as an assistant and photographer at the Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center. She has a passion for photography and community service and holds an Associates degree from City College in photography. She is involved with many organizations, including Head Start and San Francisco Junior Giants, on behalf of her son Shamar, who attends Camellia Basic Elementary.
Ryan Avalos
Ryan Avalos Mr. Avalos works at FedEx Ground. He holds Bachelors degrees in English and Classical Studies from Santa Clara University. He is passionate about writing, and believes the most critical issues for discussion are equality, opportunity and jobs creation specific to underserved neighborhoods in South Sacramento. He has three sons, and is versed in Latin.
Roze Castaneda
Roze Castaneda Ms. Castaneda is a professional caregiver and student of social science and history in the Liberal Studies department at Sacramento City College. She volunteers at many community service organizations, including those that support homeless individuals and the elderly. Music is among her passions. She plays djembe, clarinet and piano.
Nailah Ware
Nailah Ware Ms. Ware attends California State University, Sacramento, and works as an assistant at the California Secretary of State election office. She is president of the Glen Elder neighborhood association, and is passionate about the way political decisions impact individual neighborhoods. She is especially interested in issues involving public transportation.
Krystle Hudson
Krystle Hudson Ms. Hudson is an author and filmmaker originally from Michigan who finds poetic imagery in challenging subjects, including her own life experiences. She formed a boutique publishing company to fulfill her passion to tell the “small person’s story.” She has a blog site, “Young Urban Voices,” and has written, directed and produced her first film, “My Mother Donna.”
Jaeseana Hollis
Jaeseana Hollis Ms. Craft-Hollis works as a cook at Café Bernardo at Pavilions, following her passion for the culinary arts. She studies early childhood education, and is raising three children. Her most passionate issues are unemployment and high dropout rates among teens. She is interested in helping improve public transportation in South Sacramento neighborhoods.
Francisco Gutierrez
Francisco Gutierrez Mr. Gutierrez is an entrepreneur, community activist and business owner and is proud to consider himself an agitator. His community service has included organizing neighbors to protest troublesome liquor stores in Oak Park, and working with teens to stop the practice of bullying. His creative focus at Sacramento City College was graphic communications.
Burt Clemons
Burt Clemons Mr. Clemons is passionate about videography and photography, and was among the first photographers to document life among Sacramento homeless residents during the “Tent City” occupation that gained international attention in 2009. He has provided decades of community service to neighborhoods across Sacramento. A prime concern for him is the anger visible in many South Sacramento locations.
Andrea Weathington
Andrea Weathington Ms. Weathington has a long history of community service, including providing assistance to the Sacramento Food Bank, Society for the Blind and the Winter Sanctuary, which assists homeless individuals. Her passionate issues are education funding and the war on drugs. She has been a 4.0 student at Sacramento City College, loves to run, and devotes much time to her 10-year-old daughter.
Alisa Xiong
Alisa Xiong Ms. Xiong is an on-camera interviewer for the Hmong Report on Crossings TV, and is continuing her studies at California State University, Sacramento. Her passions are photography and community service, and she is uniquely interested in telling stories about the Hmong community. Her volunteer service includes assisting My Sister’s House, which provides shelter to women escaping violence.