Wellspring stories told well

Two new Sacramento Voices correspondents, Corey Rodda (left) and Sunshine Pruett, come to us from Wellspring Women’s Center, a nonprofit group in Oak Park serving women and children from across South Sacramento.  Wellspring has a remarkable blog that features profiles of clients, “Tales from the Heart of Wellspring.” We encourage all Sacramento Voices supporters to […]

Recent Stories

Corey theater

From popcorn and dreams, a pathway

Growing up, my dad shared his love of movies with me — whisking me away to dimly lit independent movie theaters that served popcorn with real butter while my other friends were at soccer practice. We saw two movies together each week. As a high schooler, I felt like my life was on hold, but […]

Passage to womanhood, understood

N’sheema Kali Ralph is a 13-year-old student ready to begin her freshman year at The Met High School downtown. Her peanut butter brown skin, thick curly hair and infectious smile captured my heart the moment I laid eyes on her. The kindness in her spirit reflects a sense of innocence and honesty that most of […]

The long night

It is night – I can’t sleep I sit here alone in the midst of the Wreckage all around me I am drowning in it Pain so deep The wreckage around me is a result of the wreckage inside me Broken Broken hearted Broken spirit Broken life Going through another dark night of the soul […]