The pulse of healthy neighborhoods

Sacramento Voices have taken on a big assignment in September — surveying the health of their South Sacramento neighborhoods. The project is creative and subjective. And it’s based on clinical observations and personal experiences that can only come from people who live and work in the communities under examination. The results are authentic. They will […]

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A healthy life, minus the burger

I can remember it like it was yesterday. Mom was in a good mood and I was in for a treat. At 8 years old, I hadn’t yet become a challenge (as in my teenage years), so it was customary to make an outing to lunch and a movie on a special day. Mama wasn’t rich, but she budgeted […]

Dianne Heimer

Inspirational words for Sac Voices

Sacramento City College journalism professor Dianne Heimer and Sacramento Voices alum Burt Clemons used heartfelt and inspirational words to describe the importance of community journalism at a Sacramento Voices training workshop in February. Heimer examined how traditional media outlets overlook stories in many South Sacramento neighborhoods, unless the stories involve crime. “You are the only […]

Marianna Sousa demonstrates electrical safety.

Community Forum keeps us safe

From kitchen fires to downed power lines, community members learned essential safety skills at a Sacramento City College and Sacramento Voices Community Forum organized by Voices correspondent Marianna Sousa, with assistance from correspondent Kalaisha Totty. The highly successful event was held Jan. 28 at the SCC Student Center. “The issue of safety effects all of […]