Voice to Voice: Sacramento meets Oakland

Sacramento Voices visited their fellow community journalists from Oakland for a day of tours and discussion on a sunny weekend in March. Oakland Voices shared personal stories of their city, from Saint Augustine’s Church to the streets of East Oakland near the Coliseum and along International Boulevard. The Voices wrote their impressions of the East Bay city, a […]

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Night shift of the American dream

When I was younger, I always thought there was something romantic about being awake at odd hours. To walk down empty streets at 3 a.m. made me feel out of time, almost timeless, like none of the rules applied to me, that I was powerful, ultimately in control and in charge of my fate and […]

Dori Maynard, 1958-2015

Dori Maynard, 1958-2015

Sacramento Voices would like to share our sadness at the loss of our mentor, friend and inspiration, Dori J. Maynard, who died Feb. 24 from cancer. In her final hours, Ms. Maynard was working the telephone, gently pressing friends for additional support of the Voices programs in Sacramento and Oakland. Among her goals was to […]