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Thanksgiving, divided

Thanksgiving in Sacramento, where the big public holiday event is a run to feed hungry people. This year, amid the charitable footsteps and donated turkey dinners, arrives the sad and hollow reality of a nation divided once more by racial inequality, the uneven rule of law and the arbitrary deliverance of justice. Sacramento Voices are […]

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They say you get the government you deserve

I’ve never considered myself a political person. Modern politics, in my opinion, always seem to fall into the vain and rather tacky American tendency to pick a side of something, whether it be sports teams, abortions, Kim Kardashian, Chik-fil-a, whatever, and blindly lockstep yourself into whatever ideology that can give you enough convenient moral high […]


Cry for the children

I pray I never have children. I sit here and watch the news and there is nothing but foolishness. I mean, I can list it but I’m sure you can, too. Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, Mike Brown and Eric Garner, to name a few black men all killed, and all have their murderers walking the […]


Tribute to G

We never see it coming. It comes like a flash bolt. Here one minute and gone the next. But when it’s here, it is powerful, fear enticing, and dangerous. That, brothers and sisters, is depression. Depression vilifies us as individuals. It makes us feel as though we have no significant purpose; hopeless, paranoid, sad, angry, […]