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Sacramento Voices: a celebration

Sacramento Voices celebrated its 2016 class graduation in April at the Sacramento City College Cultural Awareness Center. The event celebrated the journalism, poetry and personal narratives that emerged during the nine-month course in community journalism — a remarkable production of work from an outstanding group of writers.    

Recent Stories

Oak Park’s silent divide

There’s a city I know Once just a cow town with plenty of trees and dusty roads. Diverse groups of people  Seeking to live equal. Weather just right no desert, no snow. If you travel down Broadway it serves as a hallway to the center of the city’s heart. Yet something is changing  there’s been rearranging […]

A Center for healthy lives keeps on giving

Washington Neighborhood Center, on the corner of 16th and D streets, was established in 1956 and has held strong over the years, staying open and serving a diverse community that keeps coming back to participate in the many activities offered there. Many great people have benefitted from the Center, including boxers, renowned artists, business owners […]

Walks in the woods

In dealing with my daughter, I was challenged by ongoing and old family garbage and disfunction – the game playing, deceit, greed and underlying rage. My daughter had been estranged from the family for 16 years. She is compromised mentally, and has trauma issues. Her mode of operation was manipulation and deceit. Playing people against […]